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BM Bike Rentals - Who We Are & What We Do

Here are BM bike rentals, when it comes to the Burn and heading out to the Playa, it's so much more than just going out and having fun. The Burn means we get to rally behind our community to help in transportation, practicing communal effort and participating in civic responsibility. We're so much more than just a bike rental company.

Every year, thousands of people flock to the Playa for a week of radical inclusion and we're here to ensure those individuals are able to get from one end of the Playa to the other, to make sure no trace is left behind, and to ensure we continue to give back to the Black Rock Desert surrounding community.

Over the past three years we have taken in thousands of pounds of food, water, and camping gear donations after The Burn and passed it along to local food shelters, food pantries, senior centers, and homeless shelters.

Along with taking in any left-over every day necessities that those in need can utilize, we also encourage burners who no longer want to keep their bikes that they may have purchased before the Burn, to drop them off at one of our two locations. This way, bikes are not being left behind or wasted. The more bikes that are donated, the less people have to buy new ones every year. Let's reuse our resources!

Last year about 3,000 - 4,000 bikes were left on the Playa after the Burn - let's work together as responsible citizens to lessen this number and eventually leave NO bikes on our sacred Playa!

Each individual can decorate and personalize their bike rental to their own unique style! So don't worry about having to clean the bike when you return it, we've got that covered.

You can rent your bike and drop-off your unwanted bike on your way in and out of the Playa in Gerlach or Wadsworth.

We hope you join us this year in making our community a better place. Our goal is to service and help those in our Playa and surrounding communities.

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