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What Food To Bring For The Burn

When you're out in a desert for a week and most likely will not have a refrigerator (for those of you in RV's you're the lucky ones) planning your menu for the week can be a bit difficult. We have some food tips for you to get through your week while staying healthy and fueled.

Storage - Get Tupperware and an Insulated Freezer Cooler

First of all, PLEASE, do not use ziplock bags for when packing food for the week. Our goal out on the Playa is to leave no trace behind and to make sure we're creating a sustainable community. You'll be able to continue using your tupperware years after the Burn. Finding a well insulated freezer cooler will be ideal for bring any produce, and pre-cooked foods that need to stay chilled.

Meal Prep

When you're out on the Playa, you are having an absolute blast and experiencing a whole new world - the last thing you'll want to do it pause and cook. Some ideas for meal prep can include:

- Hard Boiled Eggs

- Ground Turkey / Chicken

- Cooked Chickpeas

- Protein Balls (This recipe is amazing and we highly recommend!)

Energy Packed Dry Foods

You're going to be biking all around the Playa so grabbing some energy packed food on the go will be super important!

- Nuts / Trail Mix

- Dried Fruits

- Jerky

- Rick Cakes

Water, Water and Water

When you're at the store and you think you've bought enough water, go buy more. In 100 degree weather with no foliage to block the sun, you'll get very dehydrated. So make sure you pack up on plenty of water for your week out on the Playa!

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