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Pack For The Playa: 10 Burning Man Essentials

The news Burners around the world were hoping for has arrived! Burning Man is coming back for 2022. After 2 years off, we know you might need a refresher on what to pack. Everyone has their own hacks, but here are our top 10 packing must-haves as you head back out to the playa.

1. Your ticket

This sounds obvious, but you will not be allowed to enter Burning Man without your actual, physical ticket. After the long journey to make it to the front of the line and be welcomed home, you will be really kicking yourself if you leave your ticket at home on the counter.

2. Cash

Though Burning Man operates on a “gifting” system, make sure you bring cash to buy ice while you are on the playa.

3. Water

Water is essential to having a good time at Burning Man. The heat and dust are extremely dehydrating. Plan on bringing (and drinking!) 2 gallons per person per day to avoid the discomfort being dehydrated in the desert can bring.

4. Goggles and Face Mask

You can’t fully appreciate a Burning Man dust storm until you’ve been caught in the middle of one. When a dust storm comes through, it can be nearly impossible to see more than a foot in front of you. If you don’t have a pair of goggles and something to cover your mouth and nose, you’ll be in trouble.

5. A Bike

You will travel much farther than you think at Burning Man. Make sure you bring a bike so that you have transport from your camp to the rest of the festival.

We recommend renting a bike to avoid destroying your own (the playa dust is no joke). Many people leave bikes on the playa after a week of use in the desert. Renting a bike from BM Bikes on your way out there will allow you to leave the bike with us when you’re finished. We also accept food and clothing donations from Burners headed home that we dispersed to local shelters!

Don’t forget to throw in a bike lock. Most burners aren’t trying to steal your bike, but there are plenty of drunk wanderers who could mistakenly ride off with the wrong bike.

6. Earplugs and Sleep Mask

If you are interested in getting any sleep whatsoever, you’ll want earplugs and a sleep mask. Music, strobe lights, and the sound of people partying is a 24-hour experience that makes it nearly impossible to sleep without something to block the light and noise.

7. A Warm Jacket + Closed-Toe Shoes

The weather on the playa is extreme. Though most of the time will be very hot, it can also get very cold at night. Bring clothing options for all types of weather. While you’re packing, make sure you bring closed-toe shoes. Your feet will crack and bleed after a few days without protection from the dry heat and dust.

8. Lights

Having personal lights so that people and vehicles can see you at night is essential. There are a ton of fun solar options that work well on your person and in your camp.

9. A Reusable Cup

Also known as a Playa Chalice. As you explore the playa, you’ll encounter countless camps offering free coffee, mimosas, beer, or other tasty concoctions. But rarely will you find any that have extra cups. Find a funky reusable cup option to bring with you. Bonus if it’s hands-free!

10. Wet Wipes

You’re about to be the dirtiest you’ve ever been with limited access to showers and extra water. Face and body wipes are a lifesaver in the desert.

Welcome Home!

Now that your bags are packed, don’t forget to toss in an extra backpack to carry your essentials with you as you explore. We look forward to seeing you out there!

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