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Your Burner bike rental headquarters is taking advanced rentals now!!!


RENT A BIKE now for the BURN and pick it up on your way to the Playa. 

We're Located right on NV-447 and just a few miles from the Black Rock City Front gate in Gerlach, NV



BM Bike Rentals is more then just a place to rent a bike for Burning Man.  Our company  not only provides a service to Burners, but also to the local communities that surround Black Rock City.  We work with the Food Bank of Northern Nevada, local social service centers, homeless shelters, food pantries, and senior centers to provide much needed food and supplies for those in need. Since 2015 we have taken in thousands of pounds of food, water, and other donations. Our Bike Rentals for burning man fund this operation.  Our rental location in Empire, NV turns into a Donation site for your unused food and supplies after the Burn, just look for our Pink signs and Banners to help support the community that supports you on the Playa.

Burning Man Bikes

Community Donation Program

On your way out of Burning Man, stop by our location to donate anything you can't take with you.


We accept food, camping gear, etc. and donate it to local community groups that can use it. 

Contact us for more information about our
Community Donations!

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