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Playa Bike Must-Haves

playa bike must haves

Alright everyone, we're only a few short weeks away from the 2018 Burn! It's time to start thinking about how to decorate and prepare your ride. Being a BM bike rental business, we know a thing or two about appropriate bike attire for the Playa. Below, we have provided the essentials.

Cushion for the Pushin'

You'll be riding around for hours at a time. Buy a cushion for your seat, and not a leather one. It's hot out there and your sweaty bum won't vibe well with a hot, sticky seat. Consider fluffy cushions with plenty of padding. Extra padding also helps to protect your tailbone from a bumpy ride. From Zebras to Unicorns, Lions, Tigers or Bears, there's generally plenty of fun styles to choose from.

Cup Holders

There are Playa bars EVERYWHERE. You'll definitely want to enjoy your beverage while cruising the Playa. Buying a STURDY holder is a great idea that you'll thank yourself for.


If you only buy one thing for your bike, BUY LED LIGHTS. This isn't only for style, but for safety as well. The Playa is busy. It is essential for you to be seen by other cyclists and art cars while riding at night. From blinking wire, rotating lights, light-up spokes, fur-covered, neon wire, or rainbow, there are HUNDREDS of styles to choose from.

Bike Locks

These are another Burn bike essential. While there are a few bike thieves out there, it's also easy to accidentally grab the wrong bike on a dusty and busy Playa. Keep your bike safe by locking it up at all times, even if you're making a quick stop.

Hope you enjoyed our blog and please remember that if you rent a bike from BM Bike Rentals, you are free to decorate your bike however you please! We have a variety of styles to choose from and are conveniently located in Wadsworth, Nevada so that you can pick up and drop off on your way to and from the Burn.

See ya in the dust, friends!

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